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Car Details
VehicleType: Car
Make: Lexus
Model: LX 570
Year Made: 2013
No Seats: 6
No Doors: 4
Mileage: 8500
Deal: Sell
Price: 25,000.00 ETB
Published Date: November 04, 2017 GC
i want to sell my 2016 LEXUS LX 570, I am a single owner of the Car, the Car was purchased brand new and i have only used it fairly not more than 3 months .It is still in perfect condition and below are the features of the car. I am willing to sell it out for the sum of $25,000USD because it is still in excellent shape and has no accident history. Make and Model: Lexus LX 570 Year: 2016 Transmission: Automatic Mileage : 8500 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: Brown Engine : V8 Stock # 6400 Amount: 25,000 Dollars Contact me my email is
Seller Information
Name: Pedro Allen
Phone: 987654321