Do you have some new or used products that you would like to sell or dispose of ? Or maybe you are a small business that needs a presence on the net without having to go through the costly process of setting up your own is Ethiopia's unique and exceptionally designed retail site that allows you to register and create a shop for selling your products online.

From electronics, property, TV's, cars,furniture and more you will find a wide range of new and used products at available within your reach.

To transact, you will need to register by logging onto and fill in the registration form. All registered members are allowed to place(post) items of their products and the interested buyer will contact them through their phone number.We also offer banner advertisement at very competitive rates.

The addisbuy web sites currently covers five product categories: Electronics,mobile,house,car and furnitures.The company's list of websites will continue to grow as will the services surrounding it's products.The business goal of The Addisbuy Company is to establish a national trading and advertising platform for customers, providing a one-stop shop; for buyers and sellers in all the major categories.

For more information about us or any query kindly contact us on or call us on 0927441193 / 0911371470 / 0912749557.We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as you venture into on-line transactions.Service to you is our earnest desire.

Thank you very much

Addisbuy Team

The Team

Anteneh Defaru
Yared Solomon
Seid Yassin
Muluken Asfaw
Semir Yessuf