Registration/sign in

When you register on addisbuy, you have the option of registering as an individual or Company seller


To register as an individual, click on the Register link and individual link at the top right corner of the registration flyout.When registering you will be asked to complete a quick and short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, or you can use an existing social logins like facebook or yahoo.

Mandatory fields include:-

  • Name[first name + last name]
  • E-Mail address [ Username & Password ]
  • Important: Be sure to complete all information regarding details on the account setting after sign in.

    If you are an existing user click on the sign in link on left side of the register link.


    Registering as a Company provides you with an identifiable name and the opportunity to build your reputation as a seller.

    To register as a Comapany, click on the Register and Company link at the top right corner of the registration link.The process and information required are similar to registering as an individual, with the added advantage of being ableto add your business name to your account.

    Important: Be sure to complete all information regarding your companies detail on the account setting after sign in.

    Once registered you will receive E-Mail confirmation.You need to sign in to add your item and see or customize your items in your items dashboard.


    Account Setting

    you can change your account setting such as your Name ,Phone or Password by clicking on the greeting message icon on the left side of the language option.

    Individual account setting

    You can change your basic personal informations such as First Name, Last name , E-mail and Phone number if you have registered as an individual.You can also change your password if you are registered other than sociallogin accounts.

    Company account setting

    If your account is registered as a company you will have an access to change different parameters such as your Company Name, E-mail ,phone , fax , Address , Logo , password ...etc.

    All these information will be displayed on each posted items by your company's name on the details pages and will give your customers full information about the company's profile.


    Add items

    To list your item for sell or rent click on the Add item link found on the header navigational bar.

    The listing process is split up into several main sections, notably:-

    1. Electronics
    2. Mobile
    3. Car
    4. House
    5. Furniture

    The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly. you need to choose the category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the go back navigation button.

    Step one

    All the listing process startes by filling the required seller info such as Name and Phone number which are required.

    Step Two

    Item informations for all catagories lets you to enter your item informations and descriptions in accordance with the specific catagory types .some of the fields for the item are required and some of them are optional.if you have any other things to say about your items which are not specifically listed you can enter them in the description field.If you are selling more than one item please enter the price of individual item [per single item] .

    To place your price simply enter the amount you wish to sell or rent e.g. 5000. Please note no currency symbols or text are required.addisbuy currency is in ETB.

    You can either opt to list your item right away and set published for it to be live for or you also have the option to unpublish later.

    Step Three

    To accompany your item you can upload images from your local computer or addisbuy will put a placeholder icons if you dont do so.please include only image files like jpeg,bmp or png.

    Important: Make sure you have read and Accepted the Terms and Policy of addisbuy by checking on the check box before submiting an item for post.

    If you fill the item you want to sell doesn't exist or listed by addisbuy , select 'other' list in category and subcategory fields and create your own.


    View Items

    addisbuy allows you to see the posted items by selecting the left menu bars and use approprate filter buttons below the main navigation bar at the top to reduce the search mechanisms with options such as select all ,new 24H or update in 24H ,rent or sell, individual or Company seller etc.You can sort out all these selected items by price or date for each catagory.

    All category specific filters are found at the top bar of the browse page.You can select the filter parameters you want and it will automatically filter and show the selected items.You need to be aware that if you make a filter with selected parameters you will see only those whom you filtered out in the details view page.


    View Detail

    you can see all the details of the posted items when you click the items posted and listed in line and read very informations about the item or seller and you can still navigate other items using previous and next items icons while you are on that page.


    New items which are posted in 24 hours will be labeled as New and is shown by a Green bar on the right corner of the posted item.


    Items which are edited and saved in 24 hours will be labeled as Updated and will be shown in Orange color.

    The details page of an item will let you see the item and seller information of the posted item.A picture of an item will be displayed as per the category type and will lets you know more about the item can hover on the top of the picture bar to see the filter you have used to come to that item.


    My Items

    my items features lets you keep a close eye on your posted items to edit some of the fields like price or product features ,publish or unpublish for some time or delete the post completly too.

    Use the Four button on the top right corner of the your item table list and able to manage your items.


    Lets your items to be viewed by buyers(Viewers).


    Hidden your items to be viewed by buyers(Viewers) but still can manage them at your dashboard.


    Delete your item completely from addisbuy and will not be seen anymore both for you and viewers.


    Lets you add new item for the category which you are currently on.

    You can use the edit button on the category column of the category name and make a change about you item.



    You can use addisbuy's language options to see the content of the website in the language you feel comfortable most AMHARIC or ENGLISH .

    Should you encounter any registration difficulties or comment please contact us.

    Addisbuy Team.